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What We Do
Our Qualities

Architeknos LLC is a small-business technology consultancy. We specialize in helping small businesses improve their performance through business process optimization, and the implementation of appropriate technology.

We believe that the high-level goals of the business should determine how a business process should function, and that any implemented technology must be directly linked to the support of those business goals.

We work with small-business owners and their staff, to evaluate and streamline their processes, and to minimize instances of non-contributing effort. We strive to eliminate ineffective processes where the "tail is wagging the dog."

We will recommend the application of technology only when it can improve the effectiveness of the business processes. The technology we do recommend will be easy to use, easy to maintain, and easy to pay for.

  • Nimble - Our team is small and agile; we deploy resources quickly, and as needed
  • Flexible - We are not tied to a rigid methodology; we will adapt to fit your needs and workstyle
  • Thorough - We will do everything that we say we will do, and finish what we start.
  • Frugal - Our goal is to help you save money, not to waste your money.
  • Effective - We guarantee that we can improve the operational effectiveness of your business.